Howe Innovative Design was conceived out of love. This was a pure love, a deep abiding love of clarity, decency and simplicity.

Computers are scary. The only people that love them are people with no social skills. That’s what we thought but it’s a vicious lie! People who love computers are people who know computers. We have coffee with our computers, we talk with them, we ask them how they’re feeling and when they’re down – we find out why, like a good friend should, we bring them back from the brink.

Howe Innovative Design creates and develops web pages focused on quality content at it’s core. We offer top tier service and exceptional value. We love what we do. We enjoy sharing our expertise. Support for all aspects of the site is offered.

Our goal is simple: educate, design, and succeed. Our success lies in the ability to provide top tier design, competitive rates, tailoring to your industry, intuitive navigation, and optimization. Our business model is structured to emphasize customer referrals.

The World Wide Web holds promise for every individual, organization and institution in existence. Information is power.


Howe Innovative DesignTeam

Are you interested in creating or updating your website? Or learning how to use social media better? We offer a variety of services that could help you. Our approach is different from many others in that we focus on what you want your website to say first. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.