August 19, 2014

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Applied Crowdsourcing

When I left my breakfast in the hands of my Facebook wall, it was more dare than meal. Web technology is rife with cool sounding buzzwords. Crowdsourcing is the jargon du jour. It’s real. It’s wonderful and it’s fascinating. It’s more than Kickstarter to fund projects or companies cheaping out on creative services by “crowdsourcing.” It’s a thing. This morning, I randomly updated my status to say: “Leftover Indian food for breakfast or frosted shredded wheat….Hmmm….” Ignoring the grammerical implications of this post, my friends began demanding I eat Indian food. With exclamation points, they voted. Even Christy, our Director of Marketing got in on the action.

July 27, 2014

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anatomy of a floating home

Anatomy of Our Floating Office

In April of 2014, we moved our lives and business to a floating home on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon (pronounced OR-Eh-gone). Entrusting Craigslist to offer up some useful rental leads, I answered an ad titled, “Floating Apartment,” listing the rent at significantly lower than most in Portland. There were no pictures and Christy was headed to a conference in Portland. I thought, “Why not?” I called and scheduled and appointment with my landlord to be, who was instantly suspicious that I was a weirdo to want to live on a floating home. He lives in a floating home next door. Classic projection on his part. I assured him that I am only as weird as he is and arranged to see the place. I loved it. After years of living in Salt Lake City, a beautiful hikers paradise in the desert, we knew it was time to grow the business and our lives. Portland is a natural choice. A youthful, tech savvy town with a highly inbound migratory population and emphasis on local business. Our kind of people. Learning about living & working on the river is fascinating and bizarre. It is as much a study in personalities as it is wildlife, infrastructure and currents.

January 22, 2014

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Olympia – A Techies Trial

I packed a Penske with everything we owned and headed North. Relocating to Olympia, WA from Salt Lake City, Utah.


I noted a severe lack of quality web developers and web marketing in Thurston County. Seriously, it’s dismal. There are exactly 2 firms in town with portfolios worth a damn. Of those, neither perform content driven design or offer any content or substantive marketing services at all.


My ambition and gusto coupled with the proceeds of a house sale propelled me to talk with anyone and everyone in Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey, all adjacent cities, about any and all web related topics. I attended Social Media Club Meetings in Seattle and Portland and several other exciting new gathering emphasizing collectivism in technology.


My excitement grew, as did my newly designed website. At last, my years of experience, all those non-billable hours spent learning, studying, coding and mingling with anti-social webbies- I had arrived.