August 20, 2018

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World Intellectual Property Day!

What should you do if your digital content is stolen?

After a lovely weekend camping in the Sawtooth National Forest, I woke up to an email notifying me of another website’s pingback to two of my recent blog posts Low Nickel Gardening and Nickel Free Sunscreen. Whenever I write anything online, I enable the pingback setting in the rare instance another website will link back to my blog post. The majority of the time I’m aware when a blog post link will be pinged back because they have contacted me and sought permission or collaboration. However on this particular Monday morning, another website had scrapped or copied my entire blog post content, including my photographs. Not only was it alarming to have my content outright stolen, but to have my copy written content and photographs of Stevie and I gardening and my face claiming to be the work of another’s website hurt.

I went online to get support from other bloggers and one suggested I use the perspective that my content is “awesome enough to steal.” WTF. Who says that? Another blogger mentioned her food photographs had been stolen by a national magazine company and one was placed on the first cover of a national magazine. She suggested not paying for an attorney and letting “karma do its job.” I appreciate their perspectives, but no, a lot of time and energy went into crafting my content and the photographs were family photos. I’m not going to sit around and accept it’s okay for another person or company to infringe on my copyright rights.

What should you do if your digital content / intellectual property is stolen?

January 12, 2015

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How I Sold My Soul for Free GB

I literally sold out my mother for 512 MB of storage on Dropbox. I didn’t even need to do it. I managed to score 48 GB of free space for free. I’ll tell you how.

June 24, 2014

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Small Business Marketing Toolkit #1

Brand Promise. You need one.


“Great!” you say.


“What is that?”


Okay. Crafting your Brand Promise is a process. It begins with asking some questions.

Brand Promise Pyramid

Image courtesy: Scrapbook Marketing Minute


I began Howe Innovative Design to solve a problem. There simply weren’t affordable yet skilled web designer in my area. It was one or the other. My first client was a local non-profit. This opened the door to creating client solutions and developing what was to become my brand identity.

Let’s get started with your Brand Promise.

January 22, 2014

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Olympia – A Techies Trial

I packed a Penske with everything we owned and headed North. Relocating to Olympia, WA from Salt Lake City, Utah.


I noted a severe lack of quality web developers and web marketing in Thurston County. Seriously, it’s dismal. There are exactly 2 firms in town with portfolios worth a damn. Of those, neither perform content driven design or offer any content or substantive marketing services at all.


My ambition and gusto coupled with the proceeds of a house sale propelled me to talk with anyone and everyone in Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey, all adjacent cities, about any and all web related topics. I attended Social Media Club Meetings in Seattle and Portland and several other exciting new gathering emphasizing collectivism in technology.


My excitement grew, as did my newly designed website. At last, my years of experience, all those non-billable hours spent learning, studying, coding and mingling with anti-social webbies- I had arrived.

February 27, 2013

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Eulogy for the “One & Done”

Web design is dying.


Web development is gasping for air.


The days of one (wo)man shows of websites are gone.
Sure, there’s the *eh hem* “budget conscious” clients that want piecework for a song. Cheap, easy sites, usually in WordPress or Drupal that some intern or staff member can maintain with ease and a weak password. I’ve got these clients. They are some of my favorites.

September 30, 2012

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Mozilla University #2 HTML by Hand

Whew From Memory!

September 28, 2012

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How Mozilla Defines Webmaking

Web developing is a lonely world. Laying the cable to connect the disparate messages of business’, blogs & social site self-pimping.


All of these connections, forged in isolation. I sit on a yoga ball, in front of a tv tray with my Toshiba in my underwear.


Web developing was not a natural transition for me. I began my professional and academic life in auto mechanics turned Earth Science.


Dynamic, young, powerful woman don’t fare well in uber conservative Utah. I started with HTML & CSS classes ala professional education at my alma mater. Then onto a community college to learn Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and some programming basic, basics.