The Day I Agreed with Clarence Thomas

Screw Local Business – Myriad Genetics Can Go To Hell

The US Supreme Court ruled that Myriad Genetics cannot own patents on isolated strains of human DNA. Myriad Genetics is a Salt Lake City, Utah based biotechnology firm. I LOATHE this company for a myriad of reasons. The top reason: the overpowering arrogance and inhumanity of creating genetic tests to determine the likely hood of inherited cancers, then charging obscene amounts of money for these tests.


The test Angelina Jolie took to determine her likelihood of breast cancer was created by Myriad Genetics. It was Jolie’s vast fortune that allowed her to afford the test and the subsequent elective double mastectomy. The highly publicized tale of her bravery, failed to note how her celebrity and resulting privilege afforded her the opportunity of self-determination in the face of near certain cancer. This is the ultimate luxury, more valuable than yachts, property in Dubai or the front cover of US Weekly for 5 straight weeks. If you can afford Myriad Genetic’s price tag, you too can shed unwielding organs, glands and appendices doomed to metastasize.

To ensure that no Myriad generics existed, they simply patented the isolated human genes: BRCA. Scientists could not conduct research on these genes without fear of a lawsuit from Myriad. Holding the very essence of our humanity hostage, Myriad charged $3,340 and held a monopoly as the only facility in the United States performing testing of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations. Add to the fact, these genetic mutations are likely determinants of ovarian and breast cancers.


Clarence Thomas sided with woman’s rights and ACLU attorney’s. The usually mum, sexually harassing appointee of George Sr. pulled through for the ladies of the land today. Dr. Anita Hill, I believe you. Finally, some semblance of decency falling from the mouth of America’s mute “justice” Clarence Thomas.


With new revisions to HIPA laws, protecting patient privacy, the upholding of the American Affordable Health Care Act and now, the Myriad Genetics patent ruling, there is a new era of patient-centric policy in place. The authoring of legislation by special interests in health care, insurance and pharmaceutical reps undermines citizen interests. With the push for health care reform form the white house and the litigious challenge to corporate crafted laws, checks and balances are at work.