Don’t Forget! Important WordPress Steps


WordPress is the CMS du jour for several years running. Its popularity is the result of a super easy to use Dashboard and content editor. The extensive documentation, massive plug-in library and developer community to answer questions are all pluses.  I’m a developer. I’m unashamed to admit: I love WordPress.


There are some things as a user and a developer you should remember. Here they are:

  1. Security!

Make sure your computer has up-to-date security software. Run a full system scan before logging into your web host or WordPress site. WordPress gets a bad rap for bad security. Most security breaches begin with your computer’s infection with a virus.

       2. Plug & Play

Speaking of security, there are a “host” of great plug-ins you can use to make your site more secure. No code needed.

Here’s a few:

Wordfence Security

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Security Ninja Lite

Secure Image Protection

         3. Back It Up!

Don’t rely on your web host, web designer, random web guy or chance to back up your site. You’ve got to back it up using a reliable FTP and database program. I personally love Filezilla for FTP backups and PhpMyAdmin for database backups. If you’re not able to do this yourself, request it before you install any plug-ins or change themes.


         4. Themes for Better Living

Every two years it’s usually time for a web design refresh. New gadgets, trends and changes in your business will necessitate better functionality and design. The best part about WordPress: You can redesign with a shiny new theme.


         5. Pictures, Videos & Social Media

WordPress makes it super easy to add pictures, short videos and buttons. When you deploy that amazing new theme, after backing up your site and database with FTP and PHPMyAdmin, of course it’s time for some new content. If you say what you’ve always said, you’re boring. Get some high quality, professional or social media crowd sourced images of your business. Make a decent to high quality video that is under 3 minutes that’s entertaining and useful. Seriously, don’t make a commercial for your website, they’re already on your website. Make something interesting and useful. Solve a problem, slap some social media sharing buttons on there and trust money will follow usefulness.


           6. WordPress Can be Easy- Hire a Developer to Get you Started & Trained

Don’t cheap out on the developer or hosting. I know, I know, it sounds shameless coming from a developer. Trust me on this: you will ending up paying so much more to fix the problems and missed opportunities bad designers create. Professionals can offer you a wealth of resources, wisdom and revenue streams you’d never know about otherwise. You’re paying for all the problems you’ll never have.