Massive Internet Outage



All down. Following a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service making access to sites hosted by Dyn a Domain Name System (DNS) provider inaccessible. Including all websites on the Squarespace and systems. I’m going to pretend for just a minute that isn’t incredibly gratifying as a web developer. That those crappy do-it-yourself, saturate the airwaves with advertising providers don’t offer secure services… That’s a different blog.

Ok. But what does this mean?

    We don’t use Dyn for our DNS (domain names).
      No Howe Innovative Design clients are affected or effected by this attack.


      It’s mostly East Coast sites that are down.


    Deep breaths…

A DDoS attack is exactly what it sounds like. A bot has been programmed by a group of hackers (or possibly an individual, it’s not clear yet) to disrupt the system that indexes sites. A Domain Name System or DNS, takes complex Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) converting them to the domain name. Step One: open a search engine. For example, Google or Bing (we won’t make fun of you for using Bing). Then enter, “Kick ass web marketing, development and photography for cheap” you’ll ideally get “Howe Innovative Design.” Returning results in text: Howe Innovative Design with some meta tag and/or indexed content from the site.

You dutifully click on the link and the DNS server directs you from the IP address say: 55.55.555.5555 (not a real IP, I hope) to Signing up for our newsletter and hiring us immediately or something like that. In the case of a DDoS attack, the translation from IP to text address never happens. The DNS craps out and the IP can’t be loaded because the DNS servers can’t direct traffic to the correct IP.

Cut to millions of Americans quietly weeping with no Twitter to troll, music to act as the soundrack of our lives or useless crap to buy using Prime. Plus many, many other fruitful, productive disputes disrupted. Dyn, the company whose servers are currently under a third wave of attacks as of 3pm MDT, is currently under seige. They are doing their best to fend off these attacks but it is happening. The first attack was at 9:20 am EST, AKA when I get out of bed.

At Howe Innovative Design we use a West Coast DNS provider with solid services and great security. We try to source all services as close to local (either in Salt Lake City, Utah or in Portland, Oregon) was we can manage. In this case, it’s Southern California, dude. We will monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Happy Hosting!