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Howe Innovative DesignBenefits

We’ve created website packages that include everything you need to design and develop a website. Need photography? Don’t have content? Want to include strategic keywords? Excellent, when do we start?

We sit down with you, going over what you want and need. We create a quote detailing all the items, the timeline and clarify the entire process.

We don’t make cheap websites. We emphasize value. Our prices include the up front design and development and a monthly maintenance plan. Our success lies in the ability to provide top tier design, competitive rates, tailoring to your industry, intuitive navigation, and optimization.

  • We develop websites focused on quality content. We structure the entire site around your marketing objectives. Your products and services must be presented with a powerful mix of images and content. We don’t make insane promises. We get results.
  • Storytelling is the new SEO. Your site will be attractive and make meaningful conversation. It will be cleanly designed and tested. Form follows function.
  • We build 100% mobile, beautiful & eloquent websites. We ensure your website works on every mobile device, machine and browser, every time. We monitor for downtime. We tirelessly test forms. We optimize your site for quick loading, intuitive navigation for users human and search bot.
  • We build ongoing relationships with our clients. Your website content needs to change as you do. Your website should reflect your growing business, and our monthly maintenance packages enable you to keep your website up to date as your business evolves.




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What should you do if your digital content is stolen?

What should you do if your digital content is stolen?

August 20, 2018

After a lovely weekend camping in the Sawtooth National Forest, I woke up to an email notifying me of another website’s pingback to two of my recent blog posts Low Nickel Gardening and Nickel Free Sunscreen. Whenever I write anything online, I enable the pingback setting in the rare instance another website will link back
Aligning Your Brand With a Person- WARNING!

Aligning Your Brand With a Person- WARNING!

July 16, 2018

There are a few rules in creating a brand persona that has “personality.” Don’t let your CEO anywhere near your social media Celebrity spokespeople are actually people- they will falter A marketing campaign is NOT your brand Personalities are not products. Your products should NEVER rest on the shoulders of any one personality In the

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