Refining Our “Pitch”

Sara Pitching 5.6.15

Interested in refining our business message, last night our Founder Sara Howe, participated with 15 other businesses in the KeyBank Business “Pitch” event held at MercyCorps NW. Businesses selected to compete had 90 seconds to give a compelling story or “pitch” about their business in front of four judges and the audience.

Sara’s pitch included telling why Howe Innovative Design loves the web and enjoys working with growing small businesses. Specializing in communicating your business to the world through a technical way, Sara mentioned how you no longer own your brand. Consumers using review and social media sites hold the value of your brand. One of her final statements was “Our work is complex. Our objective is simple. We work with you to grow your business on the web.”

Howe Innovative Design is very proud of Sara for competing in the event. We also enjoyed getting to know other small business owners.

Pitch Event Group 5.6.15