August 18, 2015

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Bridges Cafe & Catering Catfish Hash. Photo taken by Sara Howe.

Our photo was featured on!

We love the social media! We find great joy in engaging with others and following interesting people and businesses. It’s also a great way for us to stay up to day on trends.

Everyone loves food in this town. If you haven’t already enjoyed Bridges Cafe & Catering‘s delicious breakfast options – check them out. They update their specials menu every Friday.

Yesterday Travel Portland featured a picture our founder Stevie Howe took of Bridges’ Catfish Hash on their website, that we posted on Instagram!

TravelPortland.Com featured Howe Innovative's photograph of Bridges Cafe & Catering's Catfish Hash.

TravelPortland.Com Featured Howe Innovative’s Breakfast photograph of Bridges Cafe & Catering’s Catfish Hash.

August 19, 2014

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Applied Crowdsourcing

When I left my breakfast in the hands of my Facebook wall, it was more dare than meal. Web technology is rife with cool sounding buzzwords. Crowdsourcing is the jargon du jour. It’s real. It’s wonderful and it’s fascinating. It’s more than Kickstarter to fund projects or companies cheaping out on creative services by “crowdsourcing.” It’s a thing. This morning, I randomly updated my status to say: “Leftover Indian food for breakfast or frosted shredded wheat….Hmmm….” Ignoring the grammerical implications of this post, my friends began demanding I eat Indian food. With exclamation points, they voted. Even Christy, our Director of Marketing got in on the action.