July 18, 2014

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Spam Bots Ruined my Bounce Rates

Evil Spam Bot Ruins Analytics

I was checking my Google Analytics numbers. I noticed a very high bounce rate and a ton of visits from seamalt.seamalt.com. I have no idea who that is or why they are visiting my site 38 times a day. I turned to Google for answers. Turns out an evil bot is probing my site and not even buying us dinner.


Seamalt is an Ukranian SEO company with an obnoxious search bot, pinging sites, blowing up analytics and ruining your analytics data to try to drum up customers. It’s spammy, it’s gross, it targets WordPress sites and I want it out of my numbers. You should too. If you want to get rid of Seamalt you have several options. I will be doing this for all of my current and future clients.


To Remove Seamalt: