January 12, 2015

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How I Sold My Soul for Free GB

I literally sold out my mother for 512 MB of storage on Dropbox. I didn’t even need to do it. I managed to score 48 GB of free space for free. I’ll tell you how.

February 27, 2014

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Zombie Apocalypse hits Meetup.com

Meetup.com Latest Casualty to DDoS attack


On February 27, 2014 Meetup.com the online social networking platform facilitating offline groups around the world, suffered an epic hack. The problem was discovered as a result from a Tweet at 7:50 am. Four hours later, the crew of Meetup announced the platform was down due to a DDoS attack.

December 13, 2013

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So many apps, so little time.

Essential Android Apps

I’m not a big app person.


As a web developer. I’m supposed to love apps and gadgets.


I don’t love them. But it was time for me to boldly enter the world of tablet and smart phones out of sheer necessity. I am a pain staking researcher (See my Blog post: “Best Tablets 2013”). After hours of exhaustive home work I found my phone:

June 11, 2013

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Woman In Technology-Sausage Fest No More

Overwhelmed with men, yet thoroughly unmanly-technology is the best place for women, mothers, wives and teachers.


One of the many advantages of attending technology conferences as a woman; no lines at the bathroom. There’s more sausage than Oktoberfest in Frankfurt at any given technology event. As a woman, I’ve been snickered at when discussing new code I’m developing or a new framework I’m experimenting with. I comfort myself knowing many of these “men” have loving relationships only with two dimensional women of cyber porn and gaming, although saying so will not make you popular or superior.

June 3, 2013

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Website Trends: Retina Ready. Are You?

Is your website “retina ready?”

If the answers is “No,” or “What is retina ready?” We should talk.

At very least, you should read on.


Retina displays are essentially high definition (HD) on tablets, mobile phones and newer monitors. This means your less than one year old site, looks fuzzy and distorted to a good portion of your visitors. Browsers handle the increased resolution no problem. If your awesome one or two year old site isn’t retina ready, it will look fuzzy or distorted. Not sure what that means? Zoom in and look at your site at 200%. How’s it look, is it pixelated?

September 30, 2012

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Mozilla University #2 HTML by Hand

Whew From Memory!

September 28, 2012

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How Mozilla Defines Webmaking

Web developing is a lonely world. Laying the cable to connect the disparate messages of business’, blogs & social site self-pimping.


All of these connections, forged in isolation. I sit on a yoga ball, in front of a tv tray with my Toshiba in my underwear.


Web developing was not a natural transition for me. I began my professional and academic life in auto mechanics turned Earth Science.


Dynamic, young, powerful woman don’t fare well in uber conservative Utah. I started with HTML & CSS classes ala professional education at my alma mater. Then onto a community college to learn Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and some programming basic, basics.

January 5, 2011

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Development vs Design

I am primarily a web developer with design skills and sensibilities. I believe form follows function. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is, if it doesn’t work or no one can find you with a search engine it just doesn’t matter. That being said: design is usually only noticeable if it is very bad or very good.


The approach I take: your website is your digital identity. Images, colors, content, shopping carts, widgets, even advertising on your site is all in the service of branding your product and/or company. Your website is you, in a digital format.