Where We’ve Been

Copyright Sara Howe 2016

Short answer: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Really? Yes.

As most of you know, Stevie Howe began Howe Innovative Design in a half bedroom in the Liberty Wells neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010. The business grew to emphasize WordPress web development, photography and copywriting. It’s worked out well. It was time to grow, move onto larger markets and a culture more reflective or our progressive practices both in business and personally.

So, we ended up in Portland in 2013. Portland has a housing crisis. Literally, it’s been declared a crisis by the Mayor’s office and city council. We’ve felt the pinch. Unable/unwilling to pay skyrocketing rents or to commute from the environs of Washington County, Vancouver (read Vantucky) or God forbid, Salem, OR, a lovely town to be sure but not why we sold our home and moved Northwest, we moved.

Christy got a fantastic job offer. She’s been recruited, now working in management, pursuing certifications to add to her impressive qualifications. Putting to use her Master of Public Policy. She’s returned to lobbying, also hiring, training and managing field staff. She still works with Howe Innovative Design but she’s got a day job. I’m here, full time. Working, training, learning and pushing to make our sites better.

Stevie is pursuing a certification in Digital Marketing from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He’s recently certified in Digital Photography from the University of Michigan with a five course specialization and in Fiction (for creative copywriting) from Wesleyan University with a six course specialization.

We were able to purchase an adorable home in Salt Lake. It’s cozy, comfortable and most importantly, the cats LOVE it here. We’ve got plenty of light for the plants. We are doing battle with horrific invasive trees in the backyard… More about cardboard weed barriers topped with fragrant mulch later. Damned Trees of Heaven/Chinese Oak.

All of our client’s are in Oregon. We are registered as an Oregon business, licensed and proudly paying our taxes. For the record, I support Measure 97. Thanks to Alaskan Airlines and a Honda Fit purchased from Griffith Honda in The Dalles, OR I am there quarterly. My heart is in Oregon but my hearth is in Salt Lake City. The mountains, red rock marvels and hot springs of Southern Utah keep me preoccupied. The Gorge, bridges, open space of Eastern Oregon and fantastic people of the Pacific Northwest have my undying love.

If you need us, we’re here.