Woman In Technology-Sausage Fest No More

Overwhelmed with men, yet thoroughly unmanly-technology is the best place for women, mothers, wives and teachers.


One of the many advantages of attending technology conferences as a woman; no lines at the bathroom. There’s more sausage than Oktoberfest in Frankfurt at any given technology event. As a woman, I’ve been snickered at when discussing new code I’m developing or a new framework I’m experimenting with. I comfort myself knowing many of these “men” have loving relationships only with two dimensional women of cyber porn and gaming, although saying so will not make you popular or superior.

WWDC Apple’s Annual Development Conference held in San Fransisco. Mens Bathroom line. I hope you boys wash your hands…

WWDC Apple’s Annual Development Conference held in San Fransisco. Mens Bathroom line. I hope you boys wash your hands…

What will make you popular is being awesome, competent and confident.


When discussing women in technology, what does that mean? What is technology?


Technology is a massive field. It’s often spoken of with broad, sweeping strokes by Economists, Business “leaders,” Politicians and Journalists. A clear sign there is little understanding of the field itself.


Traditional fields woman occupy like nursing, teaching or art frequently allow an entrance for woman into technology. Nursing infomatics or instructional technology, online journalism and digital graphic design are the technology extensions of traditionally female occupations. These are fields requiring advanced degrees to enter or advance and a technology foundation to build upon. These are expensive and significant barriers to woman who have already earned occupational degrees and have families while working.


The real measure of women’s success in technologic fields is the entrance of woman into high paying, highly technical elements of the field with little to no barriers to entrance. Experience, portfolios and on-the-job training are sufficient to garner a high wage. Woman in technical management and engineering is the break through. Some of the job titles include:


Network Administrators Desktop Support Database Administrator Web/App Developer
Software Engineer Systems Engineer PHP/Java/.NET Developer Project Manager

As a professional working in web & application development, I can guarantee there is a need for professionals in these fields. I would welcome awesome, competent and confident woman to fill these roles.


There is a real need for highly skilled creative professionals to provide content for millions of websites, YouTube stations, Blogs, social media sites, traditional media’s web presence and every organizations communications. If I could find talented, reliable, personable creative pros, I would hire them today. These job titles include:

Videographers/Editors Digital Music Composers CMS Designers/Developers Animators
Sound Engineers Script Writers Graphic/Web Designer Photographers


The business of technology cannot be ignored. Frequently, professionals within this field suffer from technical elitism. Snobbishly espousing Apple devices or Chrome browsers or frowning on this programming language or that, slighting the presumed ignorance of the non-Technorati. The truth is: the sales, marketing and management staff keep the lights on, the checks from bouncing and shoulder much of the risk for new, untested ideas or software. Frequently, these non-technical, technical professionals are highly knowledgeable and skilled. There are no such thing as “soft skills” in the tech world. It is crucial to understand the technologies you are managing, selling, planning or marketing. Some of the job associated with the business of technology are:

Business Analyst Web Content Strategist Web Analytics Professional Data Driven Marketing Professional
Technology Sales Account Manager Social Media Analyst IT Manager


Entering technology can offer literally boundless income and options. The flexibility of freelance opportunities for mothers, wives and ambitious women who require a precarious balance between the transcendent importance of family with the edification of professional success.


Frankly, I love working in a field that values what I know, what I can do and my skills. It’s refreshing. My value as someone who was a foreigner to technology that entered for opportunities sake during a recession to speak to the non-technical is immense. To the clients that keep my lights on, providing me with a living and the intense personal satisfaction of challenges met and relationships cultivated. I don’t live in a man’s world. I live in a world in flux. I enjoy being an actual 3 dimensional woman, replete with Star Trek trivia and fondness for my fellow techies.